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In late 2020, kid students of Etobicoke Guitar School took on a special project where they wrote their own songs and then with the help of some equipment and software, turned them into full-fledged recordings. The end result are some fun rock tunes, and motivated kids who now realize that not only do they have the power to make their own music, but they can have their friends and family listen to it as well. Ages range from 9 years old being the youngest (Declan), to a 15 year old (Jaxson) who started learning here when he was younger.

• Does your child like music, and mention wanting to play it?

• Do they need a boost of self-confidence and motivation?

• Does your child have a creative side to them, and need an outlet to pursue it?

• Perhaps they need a fulfilling hobby, and a healthy outlet of self-expression?

• Maybe your child plays guitar already, but is frustrated and struggling to improve?

One of my favourite commercials growing up was from Concerned Children’s Advertisers – a commercial titled “What’s Your Thing?” It was a big montage of kids and early teenagers showing what they were good at, from magic tricks to tap dancing and even sound effects! While I loved seeing how good the kids were at all these different things, what struck me most (and has stayed with me today) was their sincere, genuine enthusiasm about what they were doing.

The word I’d use to describe that is passion. As kids grow up, they have so many different experiences and events that shape who they are, and mold them into the adults they become. They have a lot of fun along the way, hanging out with their friends and families, playing games (both in the playground and on the XBOX), and in various parts of their day-to-day life.

But passion is different. It’s more than just a hobby. We invest massive amounts of time and energy into our passions, and they become an integral part of who we are as human beings. We devote ourselves to them and we identify with them. They’re “our thing.”

So what’s your child’s “thing?”

Hi, I’m Ryan Mueller, and if your child wants guitar to be their “thing,” then I want to help them get as much enjoyment out of the instrument as they can. I want to help them take the guitar as far as they want to go with it, and help them develop a skill and passion that will continuously give back to them for the rest of their life.

Guitar Lessons Etobicoke

Believe It Or Not, There IS A Right And Wrong Way To Learn The Guitar

Nowadays we live in an age where you can learn a slew of new things just by searching up a YouTube video - from applying makeup, to a new recipe for Sunday’s dinner and even changing the brakes on your car! And yet when people try to learn guitar the same way, they often end up with confusion, frustration and no real improvement. Have you ever wondered why that is?

The difference between all those things and the guitar, is that learning guitar requires learning new motor skills.These are new ways of moving your arms and fingers that take time and practice to hone and develop, and tend to feel awkward at first – even if they’re done correctly.

Guitar is pretty special compared to other instruments like drums and piano (and no disrespect to the many great drummers and pianists out there!). If you take your finger and press a key on the piano, or take a stick and hit a drum or cymbal, you’ll get the sound you want. With guitar, you have to wrap your arms around a clunky piece of wood, press your fingers onto metal strings hard enough so they make a new sound (while not accidentally laying on top of other strings), and then grab a piece of plastic with the other hand and hit the same string in a completely different area of the instrument!

It's pretty involved, and for kids especially it requires patience and perseverance (yet, many YouTubers, DVDs and even books teach these songs and concepts as if the student has already been playing for years!). Certain concepts are much harder than others at the beginning. There IS an order of what to learn on guitar, and it's crucial to your child's lasting success on the instrument.

We emphasize this with care throughout the course of your child's guitar lessons. All the while incorporating numerous ways to make your child's practicing FUN, so they can have an enjoyable experience playing guitar, even in the earliest stages of learning.

At The Etobicoke Guitar School, Your Child Will...

  • Play Music That THEY Love

    The music being played can make or break your child’s motivation to play guitar. Your child won’t just learn a song because it’s found in some book – it’ll be because they LOVE it! And if we have to simplify it to meet their current skill level, then that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

  • Develop The Skills To Play The Songs They Want To Learn Now, As Well As The Songs They Want To Learn Later

    There’s a difference between “learning to play songs” and “learning to play guitar,” and at the Etobicoke Guitar School we do both!

  • Learn At Their Own Pace

    This is critical. Not everyone learns at the same speed or in the same way, so you can’t teach everyone the same way. You can be sure that at the Etobicoke Guitar School, your child’s learning will not be rushed, nor held back.

  • Make Mistakes… And Learn From Them

    It’s impossible to learn anything without making mistakes, and the same can be said for guitar. Your child will learn that mistakes are part of the learning process, and that they show us what we need to do to improve.

  • Develop Patience, Perseverance, And Delayed Gratification

    If every lesson were a “walk in the park,” would your child really be learning anything? Learning of all kinds involve challenges, and your child will learn to face those challenges, work them out and then reap the rewards of their new-found playing abilities.

  • Boost Their Self-Esteem

    How will your child feel when they can play that song they love not just for themselves, but for you, for their friends and family, for their classmates…

  • Refine Their Social Skills

    Music is and always has been a social art, and that aspect of learning is valued highly here. Throughout the course of your child’s lessons, they’ll have opportunities to connect and interact with other kids and not only play along with them (which is an crucial test of your musical skills), but build lasting relationships based in a shared passion.

  • Unlock Their Creativity

    Whoever said we only had to play other peoples’ songs? Why not learn how to create our own?

  • Learn Skills That Indirectly Help Them In Other Areas Of Their Lives

    The physical movements of playing an instrument indirectly help other activities where coordination and dexterity is required. Concepts like rhythm and scales lend a hand with understanding mathematics and patterns. That’s just a start of how learning to play music benefits other areas of your child’s life.

"One of the things that I noticed is that before he was taking lessons, in school his motor skills for writing were not very developed and he was slow. The teacher told him he had to write more and do more writing exercises. It's obviously a kid who doesn't like writing, so that's not going to work. What we noticed is that his motility has improved basically just by playing the guitar, and it's something that he enjoys, so we actually hit the nail right on the head. He's improving at school with being able to write more neater and cleaner, and faster."

- Jorge and Julie, Sebastian's Parents 

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