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5 Fun Exercises You Can Do With A Loop Pedal

On top of being a fun gadget to jam along with, looper pedals can also be incredibly useful practicing tools, which makes them one of the most essential additions to your pedal board. This article will highlight and explain 5 great activities you can use to improve your guitar playing, enhance your musical knowledge and dramatically boost your creativity!

Combining Mixed Meter And Rhythmic Displacement To Enhance Your Songwriting

A deep analysis of the song "The Restless Mills" by one of my favourite bands, The Ruins Of Beverast. While this is clearly a metal song, the concepts in this lesson are universal and can be applied to all styles of music. This lesson takes a look at specific rhythm concepts used to make this song unique, exciting and clever, and elaborates on how you can apply those same concepts to spice up your own songwriting.

Guest Articles

These free articles were written by friends, fellow music teachers and former colleagues of mine whom I've been fortunate enough to become acquainted with over the years. They are sure to be helpful in your continued endeavours to grow and improve on guitar. Check them out!

How To Choose The Right Guitar Pick by Michael Gumley

With so many different kinds of guitar picks, how do you know which one is right for you? It doesn't have to be complicated. Steer yourself in the right direction by checking out this article.

Which Chords Belong Together? by Rene Kerkdyk

An explanation of how to figure out what chords will sound nice together when trying to write your own songs.

3 Misconceptions Many People Have About Taking Guitar Lessons From A Local Teacher
by Maurice Richard

Useful insight for hopeful students looking for a local guitar teacher, but struggling to find the right fit amongst the many options available.

Intro To Thump Guitar Technique by Ryan Duke

An in-depth look at one of world-renown guitar virtuoso Tosin Abasi's signature playing styles.

What Is The Difference Between Students With Professional And Amateur Ambitions?
by Jure Golobic

An analysis on how the ambitions of the student can play a role in how far and how quickly they progress on guitar.

How To Write A Song If You Don't Play An Instrument by Linda Lampinen

Quick tips for those who want to write their own music, but have trouble since they don't play any instruments themselves - particularly helpful for singers!

How To Start Making Faster Progress On Guitar by Jacob Melling

Rethinking how you organize your practice schedule to maximize the results you get from each session.

Goals And Accountability by Carolyn Arnold

A detailed look at goal setting, and how it can assist you in your continued efforts to improve on guitar.