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    Phone: 519-640-2229
    Email: [email protected]

    910 The East Mall #103
    Etobicoke, ON
    M9B 6K2


    "Taking lessons with Ryan improved my playing a lot faster than when I was trying to do it on my own. He is knowledgeable in all areas and he introduces concepts that I didn’t think of on my own, so it’s an overall improvement, very rapid improvement, and people in my life have noticed that as well, so it’s proof!

    I mean if you really are interested in guitar, I think that you should definitely take lessons with Ryan. I enjoy it! If you’re serious about guitar and you have goals that you want to reach, I think that Ryan will help you get there because he does listen to your particular needs and goals."

    – Katia

    "I was a little pessimistic - the fingerstyle that I wanted to learn from him, Ryan wasn’t exactly fluent in.

    But I guess much like a coach over an Olympic athlete, the coach doesn’t actually have to perform the actual maneuvers - he has to coach. And that he did very well, and I learned exactly the style, exactly the way I wanted to learn it.

    I’d say I was a little skeptical at first, and I am pretty hard-nosed that in regard, but he was able to change my mind, and that earns a lot of respect."

    – Allen

    "My wife you know hears me practice, and she can’t believe how good I’m getting after one year, and some of my friends have heard me as well, so it’s reassuring. It's nice to hear that.

    Because in a year's time, it’s kind of hard to realize how much progress you made, especially if you are practicing all the time. But, when someone else tells you, then it’s very reassuring and you know you have achieved some level of progress."

    – Tony